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Breathe into focus with Komi, your mindfulness companion

Join Komi on a journey to cultivate your inner resilience and navigate stress effectively! Learn the joy of breathing and build lasting habits that empower you to thrive in the face of life's challenges!

Our Approach

Biofeedback-based breathing techniques in your pocket

We work with naturopathic doctors and utilize biofeedback — a clinically-used mind-body tool — to put you in the driver's seat of your own wellbeing! Komi helps you learn about your body's signals and recommends breathing exercises that enhance your ability to self-regulate.

According to research, consistent breathing practice is reported to:

Dallin Tavoian and Daniel H. Craighead, “Deep breathing exercise at work: Potential applications and impact,” National Library of Medicine (2023), available at: [PubMed]

Perciavalle, V., Blandini, M., et al. “The role of deep breathing on stress,” National Library of Medicine (2023), available at: [Research Gate]


What can Komi do for you?

Helps you understand your stress and recognize your cues

Stress can sneak up on us in various ways, both physically and mentally. Komi helps you recognize and acknowledge these signs, which is key to handling them effectively.

Komi App

Learn the building blocks of proper breathing

Get ready to breathe easy with Komi! Personalized pacing and diaphragmatic breathing, all in one app. Discover your perfect rhythm and train your nervous system for relaxation.

Komi App

Helps you build a consistent breathing practice

Struggling to squeeze in those 5 to 10 minutes? Komi's got your back! Think of Komi as your habit-forming companion, here to make your daily breathing routine a breeze. With goal-setting and tracking, Komi turns your wellness journey into a fun-filled adventure!

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Get visibility on how your stress changes over time

Track your biomarkers daily and watch yourself progress! Log stress events and manifestations over time and discover your patterns!

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Breathing is something we all do all the time, but rarely do we spend time breathing intentionally. Taking a few moments to breathe each day can have invaluable impacts on health and overall wellbeing.

Professional headshot of Dr. Camille Hougardy

Dr. Camille Hougardy

CSO, Naturopathic Doctor

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